XRAM (Extended RAM tester)

XRAM (Extended RAM tester) 0.22.0

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Short manual:
ESC - Quit
A - test of all banks
Shift + A - test of all banks from
actual position of cursor
B - switch between binary and bits
CLEAR - clear
ENTER - fast test
Shift + ENTER - slow but precise test
DELETE - retest
Shift + DELETE - Fake mode

After start of bank testing:
TAB - skip to next bank
ESC - stop test

Fake mode!!!
If you will hold SHIFT at start
of XRAM, it will switch XRAM in
the "Fake mode".
That means:
- skip detection of banks
- copy OS (ROM) into RAM
- access to all bank (256 = 4MB)

- - no bank detected
* - bank detected
oO - OK bank
eE - Error bank

0.22.0 [22.04.2019]
fix for 192kB RAMBO - incorrect
detection of base 64K as extra 4 banks
$83,$87,$8b,8f - thanks to Roman Fulek
and his Atari with 192kB XRAM.

0.21.0 [15.08.2003]
new function RETEST - you don't need
to reload XRAM after change of memory
configuration. It's very useful if you
have some switches (rambo/compy/320kB/
/1024kB,...) in your comp and you want
to test it in "realtime".

0.20.0 [10.08.2003]
some internal changes...

0.19.0 [24.05.2003]
bug fixed - if there wasn't any XRAM,
nevertheless there was detected one
bank ($ff)

0.18.0 [03.08.2002]
bug fixed - incorrect detection for
more than 1MB XRAM - thanks to
Pasiu/SSG and his Atari with 2MB XRAM

Sorry for my lame English :)
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