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Egypt, 2600BC by Genesis Project


Commodore Vampire
Staff member
Oct 21, 2012

Νέο demo για Atari 2600 και τι DEMO!!!!!!!!!!!
Graphics and music by Mermaid, code by Shadow.
First presented at Sillyventure 2017.

Από την ίδια την Vanja Utne σε ανάρτηση στο FB...

Here are four pictures made for the Atari 2600 demo "Egypt, 2600 BC". Each picture is 48 x 200 pixels with a maximum of one colour plus background colour (black) per line.

1. Cartouche with "Atari" written in hieroglyphs, with a scarab beetle (symbol of rebirth or regeneration) below.
2. The fish-goddess Hatmehit, a goddess of life and protection, holding an Atari CX10 joystick.
3. Anubis, who in 2600 BC was still the most important Egyptian god of the dead and the afterlife, carrying an Atari/Commodore staff.
4. Golden Pharaoh mask with Atari symbol

Download από εδώ και βουρ στην κονσόλα!!!!!!!!