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X 2016


Commodore Vampire
Staff member
Oct 21, 2012

Εδώ είμαστε λοιπόν. Επίτηδες άφησα να περάσουν 2-3 μέρες για να κοπάσει κάπως η καταιγίδα και να καταλαγιάσει η σκόνη και ο κουρνιαχτός που σηκώθηκε από τον αξιοσημείωτο όγκο των ΘΑΥΜΑΣΙΩΝ παραγωγών που κυκλοφόρησαν στην μεγάλη X

Πάμε λοιπόν στον πίνακα της τελικής κατάταξης, ανά κατηγορία όπως τον έκλεψα από την CSDb - Το σπίτι των περισσότερων 64 sceners

C64 Demo

1 The Phoenix Code by Bonzai

2 Lunatico by Lft

3 Wonderland XIII by Censor Design

4 Concert by Performers

5 Incoherent Nightmare by Arsenic

6 Ammonite by Fossil

7 Monumentum by Hitmen

8 Area 64 by Offence, Prosonix

9 Fallen Stars by Mayday!

10 25 Years by Abyss Connection

11 Hoaxagon by Hoaxers

12 Pixels by Fantastic 4 Cracking Group

13 25 Years Atlantis by Atlantis

14 Prime Time by Delysid

15 Alcolado 4 by House Designs

16 We Are Diskmag by Nah-Kolor

17 Welcome to the Holodeck II by Siesta

18 Total by Extend

19 Bobs by Censor Design

20 Shezzboard by House Designs

21 Bonfire by Neoplasia

C64 Music

1 Rastaline Dub by LMan
2 High Roller by Flex
3 The Ugly Arpling by Stinsen
4 Clavi-X by Randy
5 Code Me a Song by Randall
6 Night Finds You by Linus/GH
7 The Long Journey X16edit by Steel/Scarzix
8 Oceans of time by Qdor/Fegolhuzz
9 Boosted by psycho8580
The Wrld Is Awake by No-XS
11 Mountain March by 6R6
12 Make Some Noise by Jammer
13 Autumn Skies by c0zmo
14 Corazon by Zardax
15 X Arrival by Sidman
16 Traffic Jam by Stainless Steel
17 Defier of Deadlines by Toggle
18 W.A.R.H.E.A.D. by Response
19 We Party Heart by Spider Jerusalem
20 Perfectly Well Adjusted by Lft
21 Rock Da X by Octave Sounds
22 This Is It by Ziona
23 Happy by Steel
24 Ninjas on Surfboards by Uneksija
Mellow Basar by Barracuda
26 X2016 by Sad
27 El Lanterfanto by PhasedBased
28 The Missing N by CeriX
Nog Een by ZZAP69

C64 Graphics

1 Song for the Dead by Duce

2 Them Apples by ptoing

3 No Shit by Mermaid/redcrab

4 Snoopy Hires by Electric

5 Winter is Coming by Yazoo

6 The Scarabeus Queen by Leon

7 one second demo by Jok

8 More is More by Aomeba

9 Snuggery by Sphinx

10 Concerto by STE'86/DeeKay

11 Unwire me pier by booker

12 No Banana by LZwerch

13 Mushrooms by Ziili

14 PAL in the Hole by Pal

15 Das Boot by redback

16 Dodge Charger by OhLi

17 Chinaski by grip

Mixed Graphics

1 We Are All Ejected by SHAPE
2 Pipe of Picard by Extend
3 BOSSE by Genesis Project
4 Earl Grey Heiss by Mayday!
5 Triceratopetscii by ptoing
6 Good Luck by Mayday!
7 Total Disc Cover by Extend

Productions released outside compos :

Bridge [party version] by Samar Productions (Music Collection)
Donkey Kong by Oxyron (Game)
Donkey Kong + (X2016 Version) by Genesis Project (Crack)
Drag Race Eliminator V3.1 &D by Genesis Project (Crack)
HMFLI by Hitmen (Graphics)
Modular Sounds 2 by Artstate (Music Collection)
Night Falls over Amygdala by MultiStyle Labs (Music)
The Long Journey (Music)

Εδώ υλικό / φωτογραφίες και άλλα όμορφα :love:

Εδώ tweet - tweet :whistle:

Όποιος επιθυμεί, εδώ θα βρεί όλα τα καλούδια :sneaky:
Please download the attached file!

Για να βλέπω και τις δικές σας ψήφους για την πρώτη τριάδα (σε όποια κατηγορία θέλετε... :sneaky: )



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Commodore Vampire
Staff member
Oct 21, 2012
Samar Productions - BRIDGE (Party Version) [3SID], Released @ X'2016

Μόλις το ανέβασα στο YT
3 X SID μουσική πανδαισία με ειδική αφιέρωση στον πρόωρα χαμένο φίλο μας, RAMOS...

This has been recorded in VICE 2.4 (X64) emulator.
2 additional SIDS* @ $420 and $440
Press space to change the tune.

* 8580R5 3691 + digi boost (ReSID-fp)

Credits :
Code.... Don Kichote of Avatar, Caution, Samar Productions
Music.... Gaetano Chiummo of Hokuto Force, Samar Productions
Graphics .... Isildur of Samar Productions

Download Link:

You ROCK guys! Thanks for another quality 3SID prod!
I will appreciate to listen to a HQ video in real C64! ;-)


Retro Guru
Jun 13, 2012
To 3SID ακούγεται πραγματικά ωραία!