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XRAM (Extended RAM tester)

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Mar 24, 2012
dR_wH0 submitted a new resource:

XRAM (Extended RAM tester) - eXtended RAM Test 0.22.0 (c) 22.04.2019 by -XI-/Satantronic

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Short manual:
ESC - Quit
A - test of all banks
Shift + A - test of all banks from
actual position of cursor
B - switch between binary and bits
CLEAR - clear
ENTER - fast test
Shift + ENTER - slow but precise test
DELETE - retest
Shift + DELETE - Fake mode

After start of bank testing:
TAB - skip to next bank
ESC - stop test

Fake mode!!!
If you will hold SHIFT at start
of XRAM, it will switch XRAM in...

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